Windows 7 was officially released on Thursday October 22, 2009. I pre-ordered it from Amazon back in June when there was a promotion. Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium cost only $50 back then. Now it is $120.

Amazon was nice enough to send me the upgrade Yesterday, the official release day. I started the upgrade process last night. First I ran the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor to make sure I didn’t have hardware or driver issues. In a few minutes I was notified that I was all OK except that I should uninstall a couple of applications such as Apple iTunes and VMWare Player then reinstall them after the Windows 7 upgrade. I did that. The upgrade process took quite a while to preserve my 750K+ files so I went to bed. By the morning it was all done. During upgrade, the installer told me that my computer would need to restart a few times. It was all done without me acknowledging it with a click.

Just like what I heard all along, the new Windows is nice. It is uncluttered, snappy, and user friendly. My softwares all appear working. The only thing I found not working is Nikon Capture NX 2. Somehow the software thought my installed version was an expired trial version. Not a problem, I just had to re-enter the license key. If you don’t have the license key, you may be in trouble. Even if you have backed up the files, the key is likely hidden in the Windows registry.

I had little time to play with it before I had to go for work. Unfortunately things turned ugly by the time I got back from work. I saw an unresponsiveĀ dark monitor screen. I tried to power off the computer by holding on the power button. It did power off. But I was not able to power it on again.

This may not have anything to do with Windows 7 upgrade. It looks like the power supply is dead.

I really want to get the computer up running again. It contains all the photos I have ever taken. I have backup copies of them on an external drive. However they are in an archive format that I cannot easily access.

Update: The problem was indeed caused by a dead power supply. Replacing the power supply wasn’t a challenge but it did cost me $50 and a trip to BestBuy. At the end, I think the upgrade is well worth it.

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