In my previous post titled Bounce Flash Tips, I talked about how to reduce the shadows caused by direct light from flash hitting the subject. By tilting the flash head to a higher angle and by not using the diffusion dome (OmniBounce) you can reduce the amount of direct light that can cause unflattering look and ugly shadows.

Today I found a great tip in which a piece of black foam is wrapped around the flash head using rubber bands to control the light from bounce flash. It looks like a snoot cut in half.

With this inexpensive piece of “photography equipment”, the following effects can be achieved:

  • Obtain directional light that is also soft
  • Prevent flash light from directly hitting the subject in the eyes

The author of the article is Neil van Niekerk, who wrote the book On-Camera Flash Techniques for Digital Wedding and Portrait Photography. The book is based on his great Flash Photography Techniques series of tutorials published on his website and materials from his workshop. Published by Amherst Media, Inc.  on August 1, 2009, this 128 page book is quite thin among the photography publications I have seen. But the book appears to be very well received and highly popular based on Amazon customer reviews and sales rank.

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