Want to take strobist photos in wet environments but don’t want to get killed by the high voltage in your Speedlight flash or risk damaging the flash? Check out this DIY waterproof flashbox. With this DIY setup, you should be able to make sure both you and the flash are safe when taking photos in showers, swimming pools, lakes, sea, and in the rain.

What does it take to make one? Looks like not much in term of time required but it isn’t very cheap. You need to get the Otterbox 3500 waterproof case (clear), a couple of flash shoes glued inside the box for the flash and a spigot glued outside of the box for mounting the whole setup on a light stand. ~$50 maybe?

If the promises (specs) of the waterproof box is true, you should be able to take this setup safely down to 100ft underwater if you want to, assuming you can trigger the flash somehow.

Check out more pictures of the DIY waterproof flashbox.

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