Small flashes such as the Nikon SB-600 can emit quite some energy in a short time, enough to scorch vinyl table top. The story goes like this:

I was shooting tonight with my D90, wirelessly triggering my SB-600. At one point, I left my SB-600 flash tube facing down on a vinyl covered card table. When I released the shutter, the SB-600 obediently fired, probably at full power. A whisp of smoke appeared and a scortch mark 0.25″ by 1.25″ was left in the table top. No damage done to the SB-600, but I was quite surprised at the smoke and burn mark.

Can this be true? I don’t have a vinyl surface anywhere in my house so I tried the following: I set the flash to manual mode, 1/1 (full power) output, covered the flash head with my palm then hit the test button… I felt a sharp burning sensation in my hand that almost made me drop the flash.

Before you actually try something like this, read the title of the post again. That’s your last warning. 😉

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