The camera on the iPhone doesn’t take great pictures but it doesn’t prevent people from loving it either. The reasons?

  • It is available at any time. I can leave my Nikon DSLR camera at home but I won’t leave home without my cell phone, which is currently the iPhone.
  • Photo taking is now spontaneous. Whenever anything catches my eyes, I pull out the iPhone and snap a picture.
  • It is easy to be creative. Part of the reason for that is the tens of photo-related apps you can find in the App Store.

For all the iPhone shutterbugs out there, here is a good blog I just discovered (I know, I have been living under a rock for quite some time): iPhoneography. This blog covers all kinds of stuff related to iPhone photography and videography. You will find news, showcases, new photo app introductions, app reviews, etc.

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