The digital compact camera market is really crowded. With the silly pixel war finally settles down, camera manufacturers are trying to distinguish themselves from competitors with innovative products.

One of the latest we know is the Nikon Coolpix S1000pj digital cameras with built-in projector, which seem to have received quite some media buzz. If you think about it, it is fun to show off the pictures you just take but it doesn’t really help you to take better pictures.

Nikon isn’t the only who is doing the “add-on” innovation. Samsung adds a second LCD display on the front side of the DualView series digital cameras for people who love to take self-portraits. It also has a Child Mode that displays funny cartoons to grab the attention of small children. Unlike the built-in projector on Nikon Coolpix S100pj, the Samsung camera’s 2nd display does help people to take better photos.

For any of you who are curious, here is a tear down of the Samsung DualView TL225 by

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