Our Italian reader Ale (who recently commented on DPTnT on this post) has been working on an interesting DIY project (Italian) for more than a year. From what I could read with the help of Google Translation, it started as prototype transmitter/receiver built using Microchip PIC16F690 demo boards that had functions similar to the RadioPopper PX system. Basically, the transmitter picks up the light pulses from popup flash of a Nikon camera in commander mode then sends the signal over radio frequency waves. The receiver then duplicates the signal at the infrared sensor window of the remote flashe. The benefits of such CLS-via-radio system over the original infrared-based Advanced Wireless Lighting (AWL) communication are no line-of-sight limitation, longer range, and more reliable operation.

This is how it looked at the beginning.

The prototype transmitter was built on a PIC demo board. The receiver looks the same except the absence of the inductor used for pulse detection.

Now it has been developed into to a compact, functional DIY RadioPopper PX type system on custom printed circuit board and in a compact enclosure.


I didn’t find any build instructions or other details in the 170+ posts of the discussion thread. Someone who speaks Italian may be able to help out as I had trouble understanding some of the English translations generated by Google.

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