Not long ago, I posted an article about how to modify a cheap eBay wireless flash trigger to make poor man’s RadioPopper PX. At that time, I tested the modified transmitter and receiver and found that they worked reasonably well. However the entire system was not practical because all I had were the exposed circuit boards with exposed parts and dangling wires. In order to evaluate them for real world applications, I managed to re-solder the parts and put them in the original enclosures. There is enough space inside the original enclosure to hold the parts. Read More…

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A few things can happen based a search of discussion threads on flickr strobist group.

  • It will not power up.
  • Flash powers up ok but it will not fire due to broken flash tube.
  • Zoom head gets stuck.
  • It keeps firing non-stop.

Many, including me, have come to the conclusion that the SB-600’s are fragile. Mine was recently knocked off a table and landed on oak floor hot shoe first. There was no sign of damage and I didn’t become worried until I couldn’t turn it on.

Since the warranty period was over, I decided to check it out myself. There wasn’t anything loose inside. Nothing appeared broken. Batteries made good contacts. Flash tube was intact. Without time to waste, I decided to send it to Nikon USA for service. The estimate for a service repair rank B2 (moderate repair with major parts replaced) came out to be $97 + S&H. It was an expensive repair but perhaps OK since it was only about half price of a new SB-600. So I authorized the repair.

When I received the flash back from Nikon service center in California a few days later, I was also sent a copy of invoice. A detailed list of repairs and adjustments were shown, including a line item that says “RPL MAIN PCB”. It is difficult to believe the surface mount components on the main circuit board will break since they are so light. Most likely the impact from the drop broke a Cu trace or a connector somewhere.

At the end, I have nothing more than this: Be careful with your SB-600 and don’t let it drop.

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Both Canon and Nikon offer infrared based wireless flash controls. This type of systems, similar to your TV remotes, suffer from typical line-of-sight limitations because the infrared light cannot go through wells. In a studio environment, it is not too bad because the signals can still get bounced around by the walls and ceilings and reach the infrared sensor of the remote flash. It can be very problematic in an outdoor environment if the remote flash isn’t in the line-of-sight of the master unit.

To overcome this limitation, RadioPopper has come up with the RadioPopper PX system that transmit the signals via RF instead of infrared. It appears to be very popular despite the awkward device mounting requirements. The magic comes with a high cost though. That’s probably why many have tried to roll their own. Most recently we covered two examples from Europe: Italian version and Polish version. Read More…

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First a Italian guy did it, now the Polish guys did it too! It all started when someone wanted to transmit the Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS) Advanced Wireless Lighting (AWL) signals via RF waves, just like the RadioPopper PX system, using cheap Phottix brand wireless flash trigger. After some extensive collabration over the discussion thread (Google translation to English), it finally worked. Read More…

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Interchangeable lens SLR cameras are not new. Digital SLR cameras that take high definition (HD) videos are not new either. What’s new is the interchangeable lens HD camcorder. In the video below Sony is teasing us with such a device under development that can use same lenses for Sony SLRs!

According to Engadget, the new camcorder will use the same Exmor APS-C sized sensors as in Sony’s new NEX3 and NEX5 compact cameras. The camcorder shoots AVCHD format and are expected to be compatible with both E Mount and A Mount interchangeable lenses. The expected release date is some time this Fall.

For people who cannot get used to shooting video with a DSLR camera or find it too limiting in functionalities, this interchangeable lens HD camcorder from Sony may be a dream comes true, if the price is right.

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The long promised RPCube is finally available for purchase on RadioPopper’s online store for $29.95, according to an announcement in a blog post on RadioPopper website.

With this little “cube”, users of RadioPopper JrX Studio receivers can remotely control the power levels of their Canon/Nikon-compatible flashes by turning the dials on the JrX Transmitter or pushing buttons on PX transmitter. Upto 3 groups of flashes can be controlled. Read More…

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