Interchangeable lens SLR cameras are not new. Digital SLR cameras that take high definition (HD) videos are not new either. What’s new is the interchangeable lens HD camcorder. In the video below Sony is teasing us with such a device under development that can use same lenses for Sony SLRs!

According to Engadget, the new camcorder will use the same Exmor APS-C sized sensors as in Sony’s new NEX3 and NEX5 compact cameras. The camcorder shoots AVCHD format and are expected to be compatible with both E Mount and A Mount interchangeable lenses. The expected release date is some time this Fall.

For people who cannot get used to shooting video with a DSLR camera or find it too limiting in functionalities, this interchangeable lens HD camcorder from Sony may be a dream comes true, if the price is right.

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