The hot new trend in consumer electronics industry this year is 3D television, which is clearly evident in the range of TV products showcased at 2010 CES. It comes with no surprise since the world is actually in three dimensions. Photography and display were confined to the 2D format in the past due to technology limitations. Now the technology barriers for producing affordable 3D solutions have been broken, we will definitely see more 3D digital phtography products coming.

Fujifilm FinePix REAL 3D W1 was the first 3D consumer digital camera that caught my attention. The product started shipping last October but it was quite expansive. The camera and the display combo package was listed for over $1000. Now a company called Aiptek has introduced a pair of much less expansive products: a 3D camcorder that can record 720P HD videos and 5 megapixel stills, and a 7″ parallax LCD display that doesn’t require 3D glasses to create the 3D effect. Both products will be released on August 15, 2010. Amazon is taking pre-orders of both (Aiptek Portable 3D Photo and Video Display, Aiptek 3D-HD High Definition 3D Camcorder).

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