Are you a Mac user looking for a good photo editing software for less than $100 and not sure how to sort through all kinds of different features?

TopTenReviews has a comprehensive review of 9 different photo editing software that cost between $25 and $100. The reviews considers the criteria such as ease of use, import capability, editing features, sharing, output, organizing, and help & support. Each item is rated between poor and excellent in five levels. You can quickly determine if the features you are looking for exist in certain software and how well it is implemented compared to others.

According to the review, the overall top 3 Mac photo editing software are:

  1. Adobe Photoshop Elements
  2. Pixelmator
  3. Acorn

Interestingly the ranking seems to have little to do with the cost of the software. The #2 Pixelmator is only $29.55, less expensive than both #1 and #3, which cost about $100 and $50 respectively. Apple’s iLife’09 is ranked overall at #8, consistent with the “fact” that you pay more for less when it comes to anything with an Apple logo.

[TopTenReviews via DailyTechNews]

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