iPhone OS 4, or the iOS 4 as Apple now calls it, was made available yesterday to users of the old generation iPhones such as 3G and 3GS. As I and some others have noticed, the performance of the built-in camera app has been greatly improved. It is now faster to focus, take pictures, and get back to the capture screen again after taking a picture. Some of them could just be illusion – perhaps the fake shutter animation and the shutter sound are faster.

The digital zoom feature is nice to have. The image quality is going to suffer but if you hate wasted pixels taking up the storage space or don’t like to crop photos, you will find this feature handy. I wish they implemented the digital zoom function for video, but it isn’t there. The touch-to-focus feature is now available in video recording. A touch on the screen will get the camera to focus on that spot and the exposure is adjusted accordingly based on the brightness of the spot. Unfortunately the camera isn’t smart enough. So you get overexposed black subject and underexposed white subject. I wish Apple could add an exposure compensation slider to the camera app.

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