The following is a message from Dana, one of the DPTnT readers.


I was wondering if you were planning on continuing to update this website? I noticed the last post was updated on November 2009 and it is now 2010 almost July. I plan on still using the website as there are lots of info I can go through and learn but would like to see some new articles. If you do not have time to continue updating the site with new articles or moved on could you please let me know so I can sign up for the RSS feed and Newsletter or not?

Thanks in advance, and Great work on the site and articles.


Here is my reply to Dana and a public message to all of my readers.


Thank you for contact us. As you and many other may have noticed, this entire blog is currently in a very slow mode. The time I can speed here has been considerably less and there is also a bit of shift in my interests. The visitor count to this site hasn’t significantly reduced as many of you come to this site via search engines. However I know there have been many who keep coming back for the Capture NX Guide. I really appreciate your continued visit and support. As I become accustomed to the new schedules and priorities, I should be able to free up some time to keep the guide up to date.



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