This is just an estimated increase of speeding fines that the government will collect when a fleet of 6 new high tech vehicles outfitted with cameras and radars are deployed. According to the report, the system can “catch as many as six speeding cars travelling in either direction, every second, day or night, regardless of weather conditions.” That is an amazingly efficient system. There is no need for the police to chase the speeding vehicle down and hand over a speeding ticket to the driver, which frequently happens in the US, while other speeding cars pass-by without being ticketed because the police is busy.

Speeding vehicles are photographed using a 11 megapixel still camera that does 2 frames per second and a video camera that captures a short clip of the offense. Obviously the computer of the system needs to recognize the plate numbers from the images. Interestingly the system uses an infrared flash, not regular flash, to illuminate the cars passing by so driver safety isn’t affected. Details of the system are available in this video.

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