Canon PowerShot G-series compact digital cameras have been labeled as “professional’s point-and-shoot” for the complete set of manual controls that make old-timers and control freaks feel comfortable with modern digital technology. The leaked Canon PowerShot G12 appears to have the exact spec sheet as the one year old Canon PowerShot G11 except the addition of 720P HD video recording, high dynamic range (HDR) mode, and multi aspect ratio image capture.

On the outside, the differences are subtle but definite: the model label has been relocated to the grip and a dial is added where the label was printed on the G11. The following image shows the difference between the two. It is unclear what the dial does on the new G12.

Based on multiple sources, Canon PowerShot G12 will be officially announced on August 26, 2010, together with the new Canon EOS 60D.

Sources: CrunchGear, Engadget, CanonRumors

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