Is it even possible to do high speed photography at slow shutter speed such as 1/10 second? Think about the moment a bullet goes through a water balloon or a projectile from a coil gun cutting through a column of water.

Typically high speed photography needs to freeze the motion of very fast moving objects, which typically translates into a need for very fast shutter speed if constant ambient lighting is used. That’s not an easy task since it requires very sophisticated (and very expensive) equipment.

It can be much easier for typical digital photography equipments to handle if the scene is illuminated by a very fast burst of Xenon flash, which can be as fast as 1/40000 second depending on the power output level (Read more: flash duration). In this case, shutter speed is not really relevant. Even the bulb exposure mode can be used if the ambient is totally black.

With this flash trick, it is still not as easy as many may have wished – you need some special equipments to line up the burst of the flash with the event that happens within a fraction of a second.

Via Engadget, MAKE. Source: DPReview

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