COOLPIX is Nikon’s line of point-and-shoot fixed lens digital cameras. First introduced in 1997, the COOLPIX line has previously set many performance standards and led the introduction of many innovative features such as face detection auto focus. For SLR users, such cameras offer compact, light weight, and fashionable design but produce inferior image quality due to small sensor pixel sizes and limited image processing power. It is still quite interesting though, to know how such products are conceived and designed by Nikon.

In an interview published on Nikon’s Imaging website, Nobuo Hashimoto, Executive Staff of Product Design, Industrial Design Department, gives us a detailed introduction of the COOLPIX camera design process.

According to the interview, the primary concepts of COOLPIX design are “design that suggests the inherent value and quality of the camera, and design that encourages the expectation of possibilities with a single glance.”.

At the end, you can find the history of COOLPIX cameras from the first COOLPIX 100 that fits in a PCMCIA slot to the latest COOLPIX S8000 that is claimed to be the slimmest camera with 10x Optical zoom.

Source: Nikon Imaging

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