No matter what level of photography expertise you have, you will unavoidably have questions. If you want immediate answers, search engines such as Google is a good place to go. You can find answers for almost anything you want to know, photography stuff included. Sometimes it can be very frustrating on the search sites though. It is common to see loads of useless sites come up on top of the returned results based on the words you enter.

There are many photography related forums on the internet. The major problem with most of those forums is the quality of the discussion. Many of them are full of gear fanatics and rudeness runs rampant. You may also have to go through the entire thread of find the information you need. Very often some people jump in and lead the discussion astray.

Is there a better place to ask photography related questions?

Well, I believe I have found one. StackExchange is a fast growing, community driven questions and answers site. You can also call it an expert knowledge exchange. Not only you can find many answers provided by experts in the fields, but also you can find the best answers to your questions because the users can vote on the answers and drive the most useful ones to the top.

Sometimes people ask wrong questions or provide inaccurate answers. The site allows users to edit both questions and answers from other people.

StackExchange now has more than 50 sites covering wide range of topics. The site specifically created for photography questions and answers is

Got a question you cannot wait to get answers? Ask now.

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