Nikon Rumors website has posted two photos that were said to be the upcoming Nikon D800 full frame DSLR camera. They have had the specs of the Nikon D800 for a while.

The Nikon D800 is getting many people excited. The rumored 36M pixel sensor will be attractive to many landscape and studio photographers. This may not entirely be a replacement for Nikon D700 because the low noise performance of D700 is largely attributed to its low pixel count/larger sensor areas.

One interesting piece of the rumors is that there will be a variant of Nikon D800 without an anti-aliasing filter in front of the sensor. This will certainly improve the resolution but it is certain the camera or an external software has to handle the aliasing artifacts.

Baseed on the rumored specs, other things we will be expecting include 100% viewfinder coverage, 51-point AF, 1080P high-definition video recording, 4 (6)-fps continues shooting in FX (DX) mode.

300K yen may be an obstacle for wider acceptance outside of Japan. It is about $3900 based on current yen-usd exchange rate.

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