It always amazes me that so many people want to find out how many photos they have taken using their DSLR cameras. I originally posted the article How to Find Out the Total Shutter Actuations of your DSLR in 2007. This article has been one of the most popular ones on DPTnT since! Read More…

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Photographing children can be challenging but there are already plenty of tips to get you going. Personally I took many photos of my children as they grow up. Some of the tips I learned on the Internet helped me greatly. So today I am going to share some of my favorite tips on how to photographing children. Read More…

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New York Times has a list of best iPhone apps of 2011. One only photography iPhone app made the list.

It is the Photosynth by Microsoft Corporation. Photosynth is nothing new. We have mentioned it a couple of years ago. Read More…

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Yesterday I went to a local botanical garden to see a light show, which was basically massive display of Christmas light decorations. I decided to bring my trusted Nikon D200 with me to take some family photos. I also stuffed my little Canon Powershot S95 in to my pocket. I thought I could use it to take some videos because the photo quality would suck but it could take high definition videos with decent quality.

The lights were impressive and the garden was crowded even though it was freezing cold. However I had a heck of time trying to make a few good shots of the kids. The auto focus hunted like crazy in the dark and very often it wouldn’t let me take photo at all. Read More…

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Many have noticed some clear performance improvements with the latest Nikon Capture NX 2.3.0 release. Jason Odell, the author of  The Photographer’s Guide to Capture NX2 (eBook), published a detailed performance review of Nikon Capture NX 2.3.0. Read More…

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Nikon release Capture NX 2.3.0 (Europe version) for both Windows and Mac. The Windows version is now a native 64bit application under 64bit Windows OS. Nikon also released View NX  2.2.5 (Europe version). It works fine under 64bit windows but it operates as a 32bit application. Read More…

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Check out the photo below. What problem can you see?

Over exposed photo

It is quite obviously over-exposed. The photo was taken using an iPhone 4S in a local aquarium. The big lizard was in a cage with uneven lighting. The automatic exposure decision made by the iPhone4S was clearly poor. But the phone is only partially responsible. It really doesn’t know how I wanted the exposure when facing a difficult scene. Unlike most point-and-shot camera, the iPhone 4S doesn’t have anyway of adjusting exposure (exposure compensation). Read More…

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe released the latest version of their flagship RAW photo management and workflow software Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.6. The new version provides additional camera support for over 20 new camera models including the Canon Powershot S100, Fuji FinePix X10, and Nikon 1 J1. It also contains numerous bug fixes. Read More…

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