It always amazes me that so many people want to find out how many photos they have taken using their DSLR cameras. I originally posted the article How to Find Out the Total Shutter Actuations of your DSLR in 2007. This article has been one of the most popular ones on DPTnT since!

The method described in my original article isn’t very difficult but it does involve downloading and installing a free software. The software also does a lot more than just finding our the total shutter actuations of your DSLR camera. It is still the recommended way but I have found a way that may be easier for many of you. All you need to do is uploading a photo to a website called and the website will instantly tell you the shutter count and some other basic EXIF information such as Camera model, aperture, shutter speed, etc. Currently, this website supports Nikon’s NEF, Pentax’s DNG and PEF format. JPG may also work if the EXIF information hasn’t been stripped by photo editing software.

I uploaded a Nikon NEF photo taken using my D200. The following is the result. Based on the information I found at Camera Shutter Life Database, my Nikon D200 still has more than 50% chance to last for another 50K actuations.

Shutter count of my Nikon D200

To check the shutter count of your DSLR, please click on the logo below.

My Shutter Count

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