If a picture is worth a thousand words how about the frames from a HD movie that are captured at the rate of 24, 30, or even 60 frames per second?

It may not be trivial for everybody to extract certain frames from a video clip even through the practice is well-known. Last year, Canon released a software called Full HD Movie Print that allows printing from HD or Full HD movie clips created by Canon EOS Digital SLR or PowerShot digital cameras. The software allows user to capture frames manually or automatically at given frequency and range. It also has basic movie frame enhancement functions such as noise reduction and sharpening.

In a recent newsletter, Canon announced new Full HD Movie Print software with three additional features: Merge Frames, Layout, and Clear Images. The “Merge Frames” tool allows user to overlay sequences of movements in a single image. The “Layout” tool doesn’t overlay frames like “Merge Frames” tool but arranges re-sized video frames in chronological order on a single page. The “Clearer Images” feature makes it easy to select the clearest frames to print.

To find out more information such as system requirements, camera/printer compatibility, about Canon Full HD Movie Print, click on the image below.

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