It’s a necessity – not an accessory!

That’s what is written on the package of my latest photography gadget purchase: the Lenspen Lens Cleaning System. I think it is an accurate statement. Lately I have used the same lens cloth I use for my glasses to clean lenses and it hasn’t worked very well. There are always some smudges I cannot get rid of. After rubbing the lens surface with the cloth, the lens surface becomes dust magnet immediately. Finally I decided to try something different. In the past I have tried some pen-type lens cleaning tool. It had a built-in cleaning liquid reservoir. It created a mess when the pen snapped inside my camera bag. I never looked at similar tool again until recently.

Lenspen vs lens cloth

My lens cloth and lenspen

This Lenspen lens cleaner is different: it doesn’t use cleaning liquid. Instead, one end of it has brush you can use to dust off large particles. The other end has a black soft carbon compound pad you use to clean the lens surface.

The Lenspen worked nicely. I was finally able to clean up the smudges from all of my lenses. Before I had trouble cleaning lenses with deeply recessed front elements such as the Sigma 105mm Macro and Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D. With the Lenspen, it is no longer a problem. The cleaning pad is small and thin, making it easy to clean small lens surfaces and get to the edge of lens front element. It worked on the small front glass of my Canon Powershot S95 too! The product description says the pad is good for up to 500 uses. It sounds pretty good for what it is and the price.

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