In a detailed demonstration by Nikon UK, you can see some of the nice features Nikon put in its new flagship DSLR camera the Nikon D4 to make it a high performance user-friendly machine for video shooters.

The HDMI port on Nikon D4 can display clean video feed on external monitor and is not simply duplicating what is on the built-in LCD display. For example the LCD on the camera can have all the shooting information while the external video feed via HDMI can have none of it. This makes it possible to record the clean video from HDMI output to avoid the 30 minute time limit on the internal recording.

Nikon D4 also supports more crop sizes, FX, DX (1.5x), and there is also a 1080P pixel matched crop (2.7x or 1920×1080).

With the new WT-5A wireless transmitter mounted or with an Ethernet connection, you can control Nikon D4 camera using a web interface. Nikon D4 has a built-in web server! Demo showed iPhone and iPad control interface but I cannot see why it won’t work with other smart phones or tablets.

Nikon D4 supports full-time focus tracking and face detection. It is not clear if the focus motor noise might be a problem or not.

Shutter release button can be assigned to trigger the start and stop of video recording. What that means is that wired remote can be used to do the same via the 10-pin connector. This should help to reduce unwanted camera shake, which is much more critical for video shooting then for still photo capturing. It also makes it possible to do time-lapse video by using an external intervalometer.

All are cool stuff! If you haven’t got chance to read through the details, check out the video below for a quick run through of the Nikon D4 video features.

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