Eye-Fi cards have gone a long way. Now Eye-Fi X2 cards come with so-called “Direct Mode” that creates a wireless hotspot right in the Eye-Fi card itself. With a Eye-Fi software installed on your computer or wireless device (Android and iOS are supported), you can shoot and instantly have the image show up on the computer or wireless device. The YouTube video below show you how to wirelessly tether your camera to an iPad.

It is pretty cool indeed but tethering to iPad doesn’t support RAW photos. The RAW files will transfer but the Eye-Fi iPad App cannot display the raw photos. If you really want to have this work with RAW photos, you will need to tether it to a computer. And only the Eye-Fi Pro X2 cards support RAW images, not the Eye-Fi Connect X2 or Eye-Fi Mobile X2 cards. Another option is to shot both RAW and JPEG at the same time if you camera supports it. Even if RAW images are not transferred or displayed they are safe on the Eye-Fi card.


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