Nikon posted some official samples with the Nikon D800 announcements but there weren’t anything shot at very high ISO. There were some unofficial high ISO samples here. We also looked at ISO 6400. If you are frequent readers of DPTnT you might have read our old post with link to some NEF raw samples taking with Nikon D800.

I ran across a discussion thread on DPReview today about a Swedish site with Nikon D800 high ISO samples. The samples appear to be the same as the NEF samples we mentioned above. According to this comment, the Swedish author used a special version of DCRaw without any noise reduction. However the white balance is totally off so the images look strange.

I processed the NEF raw files through Nikon Capture NX 2 with NR turned off in Develop->Camera Settings and cropped the images similarly.

Capture NX 2 NR off

Noise reduction in Capture NX 2 can be toggled off.

Before going to the images (100% crops actually), here are some basic information about them. They were all taken with Nikon D800 of course, with 50mm f/1.8G lens at f/2.8. The composition of the images do not lineup perfectly so they might be taken handheld.

You can click on the images below to view the 100% crops at its true size. The full images are not posted because of the sizes. The caption below each image shows the ISO setting and shutter speed. EXIF information can be found in the file.

Nikon D800 Sample ISO 400

ISO 400, 1/60s

Nikon D800 Sample ISO 800

ISO 800, 1/120s

Nikon D800 Sample ISO 1600

ISO 1600, 1/250s

Nikon D800 Sample ISO 3200

ISO 3200, 1/500s

Nikon D800 Sample ISO 6400

ISO 6400, 1/1000s

Nikon D800 Sample ISO 12800

ISO 12800, 1/2000s

Nikon D800 Sample ISO 25600

ISO 25600, 1/4000s

Even though the images appear authentic they were most likely from a pre-production Nikon D800 unit. Personally I think the high ISO noise performance of Nikon D800 is fantastic and the photos from production units are going to be even better if not similar. The images can look better with noise reduction (NR) but it is a trade-off between noise and details. Readers are encouraged to download the NEF samples and experiment with different NR settings.

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