Are you still torn between the Nikon D800 and the Nikon D800E and cannot make up your mind if you want to get the D800E for best possible sharpness but deal with the moire problem? Scott Kelby apparently made up his mind pretty quickly. He is going with the D800, the one without the “E”.

Scott Kelby Picks the Nikon D800 over the D800E

Cliff Mautner, who shot some of Nikon’s official sample images, shared his thoughts in a guest post on Scott Kelby’s blog.

One more thing. Many people have been asking me about whether they should go for the D800 or the D800E. Many feel as though the “E” is somehow “better” because it doesn’t have the AA filter. However, unless you’re adept at eliminating moire in post production, you might want to order the D800 and not the “E”. Now, I’m not saying that it’s going to produce much moire. It’s not as if it’s particularly prone to it. When working with files that large, and shooting images that have . However, some people have somehow developed the mindset that the D800 somehow wont produce sharp images. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Just my 2 cents since this was a question many were asking. In closing, I hope people find this camera to be as groundbreaking as I think it will be. It’s a fun time to be a photographer, and the evolution of the tools are allowing us to make better images. Thank you, Scott, for sharing your blog and allowing me to give your readers a taste of what’s to come with this camera.

Nikon Imaging has comparison of D800 and D800E as well as moire examples here.

Software AA filter

Is it possible to use software in post processing to do what the AA filter is supposed to do in front of the sensor? In theory this is not possible. To understand this one needs to start from understanding why Moire is generated, which has something to do with digital signal processing theories. In order to avoid repeating what has been said, readers are encouraged to read the discussion thread here.

Does AA filter prevent moire completely?

The answer is no. It can still happen even with an AA filter but the chances are less. AA filter also reduces other aliasing artifacts that may not appear as Moire.

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