B&H Photo-Video Inc is no longer on the Nikon USA authorized dealer list that was last updated March 23, 2012. B&H was on the list as late as January 9, 2012.

This has sparked a discussion on DPReview and there is no clear answer. If B&H is indeed no longer an authorized dealer, the immediate concern is Nikon’s grey market policy, which states the following.

Nikon Inc. USA cannot provide any technical support or warranty service on Gray Market items. Additionally Nikon Inc. USA cannot perform any fee-based repair work on Gray Market items. Please do not contact Nikon Inc. USA for help with any Gray Market products.

In that case the service needs to be obtained via the reseller or importer, which will be B&H in this case.

[update]: Henry Posner of B&H added a post to the DPReview discussion thread. Apparently it was some kind of mistake by Nikon.

[update 2]: The list is updated again on March 26, 2012. B&H Poto and Electronics Corp. is included.

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