When most people are still waiting for their Nikon D800 pre-orders to ship on March 20, a curious Nikon D800 unboxing video has popped up on Youtube. In the video, Michael J. McNamara, a digital camera expert from McNamara Report unboxed a Nikon D800 and later compared it side-by-side with a Nikon D800E. How in the world can this guy get his hands on the Nikon D800 and D800E so early?

If you pay attention starting at 1:15, you will notice the following.

Screen shot of the Nikon D800 unboxing video

The yellow sticker at the bottom of the camera is most likely the “SAMPLE” sticker Nikon put on the evaluation units they sent out. I found one example on a Taiwanese website.

Nikon D800 Evaluation Unit

That also explains why there is no user manual and warranty card inside the box. Typically we’d expect unboxing video to show a production unit, not a sample.

The Nikon D800 unboxing video is embedded below for your convenience.

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