Nikon officially announced the wireless mobile adapter WU-1a in April 2012. This tiny device is designed specially for the 24.2 megapixel D3200 DX-format DLSR announce at the same time. It allows wireless image transfer from the camera to smart devices (currently only Android devices but supports for other devices are coming) as well as remote live view and wireless shutter release.

The gadget is not particularly expensive with $59.95 list price (Check price on Amazon for Nikon WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter for D3200 Digital SLR). The similarly sized WT-5A, wireless transmitter for Nikon D4, costs at least 10x of that.

Exactly how well does it work (with the D3200)? Engadget just published a detailed review of the unit. I am not going to transcribe all the details. It is enough to quote the following from the review.

Nikon has a ton of work to do if it hopes to make the WU-1a truly usable. And if we’re being honest, we genuinely hope it does.

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