The Pixel Vertax D12 is a low cost alternative to the expensive Nikon MB-D12 made by Pixel Enterprise Limited, a Chinese company based in Hong Kong.

I ordered the Pixel Vertax D12 a while ago from an eBay seller and finally was able to pick it up today from local post office. Like other parcels I received in the past from Hongkong or China, the cardboard box took a beating during transit but the content survived without any issue. The Pixel Vertax D12 battery grip comes in a box about 6″x3.5″x4″ (LxDxH). Inside there are the battery grip, Vt-A12 magazine for EN-EL15 battery, a magazine for 8 AA/LR-6 batteries, and a small carrying pouch. Pixel website claimed that the Vertax D12 can hold two EN-EL15 battery. That is obviously an error. The product box states clearly the Vertax D12 holds one EN-EL15 battery.

Pixel Vertax D12 battery grip for Nikon D800

Pixel Vertax D12 battery grip for Nikon D800

Pixel Vertax D12 battery grip for Nikon D800

I am quite impressed by the build quality of the battery grip that cost only about 25% of the OEM version. The materials used on the Pixel Vertax D12 match the materials on the Nikon D800. The textures and feels are identical. It fits securely on Nikon D800 and feels comfortable to hold. I like the wider grip on the Vertax D12. The grip on the Nikon D800 is too small to feel comfortable in my hand. I noticed the battery magazine is a little bit loose but it is nothing to worry about.

The buttons and controls appear to be well built. The shutter release button appears to be glossy and doesn’t have the matte finish like the shutter release button on the camera. The multi-selector is supposed to have a center button that can be used to center the AF point. It is quite elusive to actually hit the center button. Most attempts are registered as side-way clicks that move the AF point around. The AF-On button doesn’t have a “click” feel to it when pressed, unlike the AF-on button on the camera. The “AF-ON” text was printed next to the button not directly on the button. Since I don’t have an OEM MB-D12 battery grip, I cannot say if the behaviors are consistent or not.

This review might be longer if I haven’t seen another review of the same product. It covers a lot more details than I was planning to post here so you should definitely check it out.

If you aren’t interested in buying it from overseas, the Pixel Vertax D12 can also be found on Amazon. Another option (cheaper than the Pixel Vertax D12) is the Meike, which is for sale for about $60.

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