The program, titled 100 in 100 – 100 Photography Tips in 100 Days, officially started on September 10, 2007 and will end on December 18, 2007. Read the press release by Adorama for more information. The first tip: Look down.

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When you just get starting on digital photography, help is always needed and welcome. Most digital camera manufacturers now have websites that offer some help to get people started in taking digital photos. Some even have articles about advanced techniques. Even though you probably just have one brand of digital camera, you can still learn something from other camera makers’ websites. Many of the tips are generic and applicable to all digital cameras. Here is the collection of major camera makers’ digital photography learning resources listed alphabetically. Read More…

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Graphita Live Studio is a free, easy-to-use web application (nothing to install!) for expressive graphical effects on your own high resolution photos. You can doodle, add captions, and add art objects. It has hundreds of digital effects to choose from and each effect has options for customization. The best of all is that the effects are live and editable so you can go back to fix a mistake you made early in the editing without having to repeat all the steps. You can share your creation easily by email. You can save your work, print on posters, t-shirts, mugs, and greeting cards, etc.

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“It’s one thing to come back with great stories from your travels, it’s even better to come back with the pictures to back them up.”

National Geographic photographer Mark Thiessen shares tips, tricks, and techniques to help you take better pictures on your next adventure with this great multimedia tutorial. Even though Mark is still a film guy, the principles should apply to digital shooters nicely.

As a side note, Great Falls National Park (where Mark took his illustration photos) is a great place to have fun with photography. You will have chances to see canoers/kayakers, rock climbers, hikers, wildlife, and landscapes.

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There are so many interesting things about digital photography happening on the Internet daily. In stead of posting them one by one, I think doing a links collection makes more sense. So here you go…

Have a great Friday!

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What’s the largest panorama photo you have made? Mine is 22050 x 2955 pixel, approximately 62MP. These guys at have gone up quite a notch and produced some gigapixel panorama photos. Check out this 95,000 by 40,000 pixel panorama of Boston (may need MS IE browser). That’s an amazing 3.6G pixel! It takes 612 overlapping images shot manually with a 300mm lens for the final image. Try following the tips. You can do it too. 😉

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Travel and photography are naturally the best companion. I love both, just like many of you. AppScout has an article featuring the globally oriented, multilingual capable photography site TrekEarth. TrekEarth allows users to display and discuss photos by regions of the Globe. The site appears to have all the necessary features of the social networking Web2.0 sites. The interface is clean and simple, unlike the mess at MySpace. Read the site feature lists here and the FAQ here.

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Kodak, the once great imaging company, has a website for photo tips, project ideas, and more. It is more geared towards beginner level, but the coverage is quite comprehensive.

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