Previously we talked about the free Windows tethering application that does pretty much the expensive Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 is capable of. Now Stefan Hafeneger played with the Nikon SDK packages and created a Mac application that allows tethered shooting with Nikon DSLR cameras.

The current beta1 version supports Nikon D3, D2, D700, D300 and D90. Since I am not a Mac user, I cannot test it out. From the author’s description, the application allows tethered single shot or exposure bracketing. The author is looking for ideas, suggestions, and feature requests. For me, automatic time lapse would be great.  However it is still useless if it doesn’t run on Windows, and Stefan has refused to make a Windows version. I wish I have time and the courage to pick up my programing again. 🙁

More coverage of the story on the Internet:

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The Google Picasa is a great photo organizer with good editing capability. It has a good set of creative tools to make slide-shows, movies, collages, etc. It also integrates seamlessly with Google’s Picasa Web Albums so you can share your photos online.  The Windows and Linux version have been out there for a while. Google finally released a Mac version. I am not a Mac user so I cannot test it out. However you will find an official Youtube video below and a CNET blogger’s hands-on experience with Picasa for Mac.

I use Picasa on Windows PC to browse through my collection of thousands of photos in NEF Raw format. Other browsers such as the Nikon ViewNX struggles to load a small folder, while Picasa will let me zip through the photos effortlessly by date or by folder. I hope the Mac version performs as fast as the Windows version.

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If you haven’t figured it out already, the software makers websites are not the place to get the best deal.  It is strange to me that so many software makers sell the boxed version of the software themselves at full price and also in online retail channels at discount. For example, Adobe sells Photoshop Elements 7 for $99 in its US online store, but the same product is available for $79 at (it is actually $59 with a $20 rebate). It is similar situation for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2: $299.99 at Adobe store and $259.99 at Amazon. The examples are plenty and are not limited to Adobe. Nikon Capture NX2 full version is $179.95 at NikonMall but $137.38 at Amazon.

Sometimes the difference is insignificant and the scale may tip over to the other side in certain situations. Many software makers offer downloadable version of their software for a reduced price. If you need a software license code to unlock your expired trial version or you need the software right away and the trial version has limitations, the software maker’s online store can be a better choice. You pay online and get the license code in email within few minutes.

Are there better places than I tried to google for some popular digital photography software. Most cheap offers are for academic version, which you cannot legally use unless you are an educator or a student. Others may not be trustworthy. Definitely checkout out the company or website at before making a purchase from an online store you have not used.

Personally I won’t buy software from eBay. There is no good way of finding out if the software is genuine or pirated.

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Microsoft released its first iPhone application called Seadragon Mobile last Saturday. Apparently it was broken but we can expect a complete fix coming soon if it is not already there. Meanwhile, check out the video demo of Seadragon Mobile.

The application allows user to browse large collection of graphics and photos smoothly on the iPhone,  regardless of the amount of data or the bandwidth of the network. In simple words, user does not have to download the entire photo in order to zoom in to a part of it.

Users can create their own content with the Deep Zoom Composer or PhotoZoom, or browse the examples provided by Microsoft, including Photosynth collections created by the users themselves or others.

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The new update adds the support of NEF RAW images from the new D3X and includes numerous bug fixes. Details and download links after the jump. Read More…

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Nikon has released the latest update to its ViewNX software. Currently the release is for Windows only. Mac users needs to wait a little longer. The new version added the support for the recently announced Nikon D3X DSLR and COOLPIX P6000 compact cameras, as well as some bug fixes.  Read More…

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Flickr is the no doubt the king of all photo-sharing sites. If you are only interacting with Flickr via the web interface, you are missing out a lot of powerful features provided softwares that use Flickr API. The people at have gathered a great list of tools to enhance your flickr experience. Digg it if you like it!

Found via Digg.

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Nikon sent out a Capture NX2 promotion email today. It offers a $30 discount from $179.95 but the final price is still $1.96 more expensive than current amazon selling price ($147.99). However, if you want Capture NX2 now (for example your trial version just expired), NikonMall appears to be the only place to get the software license key immediately. The Capture NX2 sold on Amazon is full retail version in a box.

If you have never tried Capture NX, you can download the trial version and try it for 60 days. Our extensive Capture NX and NX2 resource guide has lots of information to get you started.

In the email there are also three links to reviews of Nikon Capture NX2.

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