2011 was an eventful year for the world. More or less each of us was affected. Working on this blog has always been joyful but unfortunately the time I could spent on it had reduced significantly over the last year. Looking forward to the year 2012, I am hopeful I will be more active on this blog again.

I wish all of DPTnT’s readers a happy and productive New Year 2012.

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I have been absent from the site for quite a while due to change of priorities in my life. Perhaps, I am really not sure, I may be able to work on this blog just a little more. Here are some recent changes I have made to the site.

  • We have moved to the Disqus discussion system (again). It simply is a better system than the built-in comment system we had.
  • The Ultimate Nikon Capture NX and NX2 Resource Guide has been removed from the home page. It can still be found in the resource page.
  • Interested in contributing to our blog? We are looking for guest bloggers. Simply submit your post via our contact form. Your post may include a brief author biography and a link back to your website/blog/gallery etc but it has to be related to digital photography.



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We have recently moved our web server to a different provider after our site started to consume more CPU resources than the limit placed on our account. This change should improve site performance and leave us room for future growth.

With this move, things are supposed to be transparent to our readers but if you experience any issues while reading DPTnT, please kindly let us know by using the contact form or the comment area.

Thank you for your continued support.

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Yesterday I was scared to death when I saw the home page of DPTnT. Apparently a hacker was able to break into this site and changed a few files. Fortunately, nothing else appeared to be broken and no data was lost.

Everything on the site should be back to normal now. If you notice anything out of place, please feel free to email us at info[at]dptnt.com, or use the comment box below.



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The following is a message from Dana, one of the DPTnT readers.


I was wondering if you were planning on continuing to update this website? I noticed the last post was updated on November 2009 and it is now 2010 almost July. I plan on still using the website as there are lots of info I can go through and learn but would like to see some new articles. If you do not have time to continue updating the site with new articles or moved on could you please let me know so I can sign up for the RSS feed and Newsletter or not?

Thanks in advance, and Great work on the site and articles.


Here is my reply to Dana and a public message to all of my readers.


Thank you for contact us. As you and many other may have noticed, this entire blog is currently in a very slow mode. The time I can speed here has been considerably less and there is also a bit of shift in my interests. The visitor count to this site hasn’t significantly reduced as many of you come to this site via search engines. However I know there have been many who keep coming back for the Capture NX Guide. I really appreciate your continued visit and support. As I become accustomed to the new schedules and priorities, I should be able to free up some time to keep the guide up to date.



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Winter landscape

Happy New Year to all DPTnT readers! My deepest appreciation goes to all the visitors of this site that have made the last year’s blogging journey a great joy for me. You can expect great new stuff to come in the New Year of 2010. One of my new year’s resolutions is to grow this site by 5x in terms of page views and visitors. I know this cannot happen without better contents and your continued support.

If you’d like to offer any suggestions on how best I can help you to help me, please kindly use the comment area below or use the contact form.

Thank you and have a joyful and productive New Year!

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Creative Commons License Photo by: freezelight

I just realized that the anti-spam technology we used on DPTnT may be too aggressive. It improperly tagged some valuable user comments as spam.

I apologize for the mistakes. Please try to leave the comments again. If you still experience problem with our comment system, please feel free to report it using the contact form for by directly emailing us at info@dptnt.com.



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I have a steady stream of readers who register on DPTnT. I’d like to take this opportunity to formally welcome you to our website. It is the continued visits of our readers including you that have me motivated on improving this blog. Thank you.

Registration on this website is encouraged but not necessary in order to participate in reading or commenting. Registered readers can customize their profiles for desired appearance in the comments. Our comment system supports gravatar, which allows you to setup one globally recognized avatar that will show up on all blogs that have this functionality enabled in the comments. All you have to do is use the same email address in the comment forms everywhere you make a comment.

There are many ways to read DPTnT.  The most common way is by visiting our site at http://dptnt.com. If you visit the site from your mobile phone, the site will automatically detect it and present you with a specially formatted version suited for small screens. We also provide RSS feed that you can read using any feed reader. Or you can subscribe to our email newsletter. You can also follow us on Twitter. To share your photos and shooting experiences, you are welcome to join our flickr group.

Please feel free to contact us at info[at]dptnt[dot]com or use the online contact form for any suggestions, comments, or questions.

Thank you.

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