No surprises here. Electronic giant Sony is now said to be number three after Canon and Nikon in global DSLR shipments. The aforementioned report quoted last year’s IDC analysis data saying Canon had 47%, Nikon 33%, and Sony 6% (once as much as 10%) of global DSLR shipments. With a strong offering in the new Sony Alpha DSLR-A700, we will see some more competition in the DSLR market, which is absolutely good news for consumers.

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Circuit City, Canon and PopPhoto Magazine is having a photo contest from September 2 to September 30. The theme of the contest is “Patterns in Nature“. The winners of the contest will get a Canon camera. All submissions will be judged based on composition, relevancy, dimension (lighting), and uniqueness. There are already some nice submissions. Read all about the photo contest at CircuitCity camera/camcorder forum.

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With strong sales performance from D40x/D80, Nikon has obtained the DSLR market leader position in Japan (Read the previous post titled Nikon is on top, in Japan) with market share of 47.5 percent vs. Canon’s 36.5 percent. With the recently announced two new DSLR products, the EOS-1Ds Mark III and EOS 40D, Canon expects (or just hoping?) to regain the lead in Japan for digital SLR camera shipments. Is Nikon quivering, or just busy preparing its new releases? Let’s just wait and see.

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I thought the 15″ digital photo frame is the top of the line, then I found this 19″ model by photoVu. It sure looks great. It is very expensive though, for a $1199 and up price tag. Apparently, digital photo frame will be a “hot buy” for 2007. If you have not heard enough news about digital photo frame, please follow this Yahoo! Pipe for more.

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eWeek reports that Microsoft has submitted its HD Photo technology (tentatively titled “JPEG XR”) to the Joint Photographic Expert Group (JPEG) for considering as an industry standard. The HD photo technology has been under development at Microsoft for a while. It looks great on paper, offering such benefits as high quality or loss less compression, high dynamic range encoding, high performance, and small memory footprint, etc. However I am a little suspicious of the (or the claimed lack of) motives behind everything MS has to offer.

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On July 26 2007, Fujifilm announced multiple cameras cross all of its FinePix lines. You can find more information by following the links here (S: high end super-zoom, F: compact, Z: ultra-compact, A: entry level): FinePix S8000fd, FinePix S5800, FinePix F480, FinePix F50fd, FinePix Z100fd, FinePix Z10fd, and FinePix A920.

I have not looked back to these various small sensor fixed lens digital cameras since I bought the Nikon D70 in 2004. The DSLRs simply have much better image quality and offers more creative opportunities for photography. After reading the specification of these new Fujifilm digital cameras, I was a little shocked to see some great advances in the technology and feature sets, such as face detection, high ISO (ISO6400!), image stabilization, and super zoom (18X with FinePix S8000fd).  My favorite among the new releases is the FinePix F50fd. It is loaded with features for a reasonable price tag of $299.95.

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According to an article on a Japanese national paper, The Asahi Shimbun, Nikon sold more digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras than rival Canon in the first half of 2007. From January to June, Nikon grabbed a 47.5 percent domestic market share compared to 36.5 percent for Canon due mostly to its popular D40 models.

I am quite curious how the world wide DSLR market share looks like. Anyone got an idea?

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