Typically Amazon has very competitive prices for almost everything they sell including photography gears. However I just found this $193.89 Nikon MC-23 10-pin cable for simultaneous shutter release on two connected SLR cameras. That’s a ridiculous price for such a low tech item. Most reasonable places sell it for a far more reasonable price, for example, $74.95 at B&H. However you can buy compatible item on eBay for even cheaper price.

Sometimes you get what you pay for, which means you could be getting something inferior at lower price. Often the matter of the fact is that manufacturers and retailers are reaping fat profits from the sales of accessories. It appears that common sense is winning: More people are buying the $0.08 HDMI cable instead of the name brand that costs a whole lot more.


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According to The British Journal of Photography, Getty introduced a new low pricing model targeting online blogs and websites. The new prices are $5 for 170 pixel and $15 for 280 pixel wide images. At the same time, the old smallest file size 430 pixel wide images have their price lowered from $49 to $35.

Getty introduced the new business model to specifically address the needs of websites and blogs who cannot afford the traditional stock photo pricing, the growing concerns with piracy, and to compete in the market currently dominated by microstock companies.

Alamy, another well known stock agency based in UK, is also considering similar offering. The comments by Simon Cliffe, the executive director of The British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies (BAPLA), shined some lights on the reasons behind the coming changes.

‘It seems like the World Wide Web has been around for decades, but it hasn’t and our industry has changed dramatically in just a few short years. Standing still and doing nothing drastically reduces the life of our industry and the photographers we support……’


‘…… The internet is here; it’s changed the traditional business model; it’s changed customer expectations; with the recession, it’s helped change ‘traditional’ spending. But if as an industry we can exploit it properly, there’s no reason why we can’t find millions of potential new image buyers – that’s certainly something BAPLA is working towards.

In the real world, the result of the debate seems apparent. It is interesting to see how long the stock agencies can hold on to their old business models.

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A quick scan of the Amazon’s new releases in Arts and Photography showed the following titles. The top three in the list are written by well known authors and appear quite interesting. Bryan Peterson’s book Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Photography Field Guide: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera will be released August 18th, all others appear to be available now.

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With this coupon, you can take 10% off a single item at a Bestbuy store. Sony DSLR cameras, lenses and flashes are excluded from the deal but there are other photography goodies you can buy, including the hot new Nikon D5000.

The D5000 + Nikkor 18-55 f/3.5-5.6G VR kit is currently available for $849.95 at Amazon, $849.99 at Bestbuy. With 10% off, it becomes $765, only $35 more than the body-only price without the coupon. Bestbuy doesn’t appear to have the body-only option yet.

The deal is brought to you by the USPS Mover’s Guide. I guess if you go to your local postal service office and pickup the Change of Address package, you may be able to find a print version of the coupon. But you don’t have to. There are many places who have the online version for you to download and print.

The coupon is good until June 30, 2009.

Disclaimer: Don’t blame me if it doesn’t work. 😉

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Amazon is now selling the Nikon D5000 and Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Lens kit fulfilled by OneCall. The same thing is also available directly from OneCall. B&H has it in-stock as well.

If you’d like to get your hands on one to get a feel of it but cannot, Engadget has a dozen of photos from all possible angles for your to check it out.

If you are getting serious about photography, you may want to consider the D200. The $600 Bestbuy deal we mentioned a while ago appears to have come back again. The D200 has none of the ~20 scene modes that D5000 has. So you are forced to learn the real elements of the photography: ISO, aperture, shutter speed, etc.

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The Nikon D5000 product pages have been available on Amazon since the day Nikon D5000 was announced, but now Amazon has apparently started to take pre-orders for the D5000 and 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Lens kit for $849.95. Strangely, the body only and two lens kit have no price shown and are not available for pre-order yet.

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Bad news keep rolling in, this time from Nikon. According to Market Watch, Nikon cuts its full year net income outlook by 68%. It is difficult to tell how much decline will be in the photography equipment business, but we can probably predict safely that it will not be rosy. In another news, Japan’s electronics industry incurred a shocking $22 billion in losses. Perhaps this is part of the reason we see price hikes for Nikon gears around the world?

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Ben Long’s book, Real World Nikon Capture NX 2, is now available as an ebook from the publisher Peachpit Press directly. The print version has collected mostly positive reviews on Amazon so far. The advantage of an ebook over print version is that it makes it possible to read on the screens of computers or portable ebook readers. It may be more convenient for some depending on particular situation. Another excellent Capture NX 2 book, The Photographer’s Guide to Capture NX2 by Jason Odell has been available as ebook only.

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