Digital media storage cases

Digital cameras use flash storage media cards of various types. Typically they come in small plastic packages that are difficult to manage in field and offer little protection to your valuable memory cards. Digital media storage cases will be a well made investment.

These card cases are typically constructed of high mechanical strength materials with anti-static rubber molded lining for maximum protection. There are many choices of different sizes and interior shapes for various digital media types. They are fairly inexpensive. Even the very fancy ones cost less than ~$20.

The picture above shows the case I use. One very useful tip is put the card with photos face down so you don’t need to figure out which one has been used later.

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Cokin does not make the best filters but they do have a very well designed filter system and a very large selection of filters. It is somewhat ironic that I cannot really find much useful information on their official site when it comes to learning more about the filters. The official site lists all the filters but few demonstration and comparisons between the filters. Welcome to Cafe Cokin, an unofficial Cokin filter system site. Start from the front page, or the Guide, or learn some tricks. If the site doesn’t answer your questions, you may want to join the discussion group.

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If you own a Gitzo carbon fiber tripod, this maintenance guide on NatureScapes is a good read. I have been using a Benro C-228 purchased from B&H. Some believes it is a knock-off Gitzo 1227/1228. So the guide may apply as well.

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