Thom Hogan has posted a in-depth review of the full frame (FX) Nikon D700. Considered by many as “mini-D3”, the D700 sets a new category of digital SLR cameras with its performance and price points. In the review, Thom sums up the D700 as “… some sort of hybridization of the D300 and D3…”, and “D300 body, D3 image quality”. He noted that there are “a lot of small detail differences” when comparing D300, D700, and D3. Read More…

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Nikon has released a new firmware (A: 2.01/B: 2.01) for the D200 DSLR camera that is supposed to fix the dreaded Dead Battery Syndrome (DBS). My D200 is perfectly fine but I have heard many complaints of the problem: sometimes a fully charged battery is seen by the camera as discharged.

US readers can grab them by following the links below. Readers from other regions please check with your local Nikon website.

  • D200 firmware – A: 2.01/B: 2.01 – Windows
  • D200 firmware – A: 2.01/B: 2.01 – Macintosh
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If you have just started digital photography with a digital SLR camera, you may be wondering what accessories you need besides the camera and lens. Digital photography can be a very expensive hobby, especially if you want to buy everything you want. So I am going to focus on what a typical DSLR shooter needs. Here is a list of some must-have accessories. Read More…

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Canon has released the details of the highly anticipated EOS-5D Mark III. The camera features a 21.1 megapixel full frame sensor, 3.9fps continuous shooting, DIGIC 4 processor, full HD with 1920×1080 resolution, and nothing really special. It is a little disappointing after all the hype. Nothing is ground-breaking and it is priced accordingly at $2699 for body-only. Below is the full press release. As usual, DPReview has all the information, and a hand-on preview. Read More…

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It was almost a year ago when the news broke that some Canon EOS-1D Mark III DSLR cameras have issues with auto-focus in certain shooting situations and there was even a recall. Now Canon has publish a behind-the scenes story about what happened in its Canon Connection issue #4. It is definitely an interesting read. What I found most amazing is the following:

Canon – and I suspect most any company in any industry – is not prone to go out and announce a problem unless there’s a solution to go along with it. This is particularly true for a product that is selling well, and the the majority of customers weren’t having a problem with.

Nice excuse! We can feel sorry for the poor souls who had to suffer through the headaches and pains of dealing with the AF problems. Unfortunately, what was said is likely true.

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Sony’s 24.6 megapixel full frame digital SLR camera A900 is available for pre-order at SonyStyle. It will be available on or about October 30th for $2999.99 body-only. I am sure many of you are tempted by this fine photography machine at this price point. However it doesn’t really hurt to wait though. Canon is bring out its EOS-5D replacement and there is a rumored Nikon high pixel count full frame DSLR coming as well.

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The layouts of the auto focus (AF) sensors in the viewfinders of some Canon, Nikon and Sony DSLR cameras are compared with rule-of-the-third grid lines superimposed, thanks to the DPReview forum member Matt Cham.

If you want to shoot with the rule-of-the-third composition, you may find it a little bit tricky on these viewfinders to auto focus at exactly the 1/3 points. The focus and recompose technique can still be useful, even with so many AF sensor points on some models.


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If you have not noticed, the Canon teaser site is revealing more and more of the mysterious DSLR camera. Comparison between the above screen capture and the one captured a week ago on September 5th below (click to view large version) clearly shows the difference. Read More…

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