According to this Wired report, Nikon D90 is one of the top technology breakthroughs of 2008 due to its capability of shooting videos. The benefits of DSLR that can shoot video?

No longer do SLR users have to stand by, while friends mock them for their expensive camera’s inability to shoot video.


Shooting high-def videos with an SLR is cheap compared to using professional video equipment — and it gives photographers access to a wide range of lenses. 

Check prices:

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On Canon Europe site, Canon has acknowledged the two well known image quality problems (black dots and vertical banding) plaguing the newly released EOS 5D Mark II, but offers no explanation for the causes, nor any time frame for complete fix. Read More…

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Canon has published a white paper on the new EOS 50D and EOS 5D Mark II DSLR cameras. According to the overview section, the EOS 5D Mark II “shares 80% of its features with the EOS 5D, and 10% with the flagship Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III”. The remaining 10% of its features are unique, including the new gap-less sensor, 1080P HD video recording, new Live View AF modes, sensor cleaning, HDMI outputs, etc.

If you have not read Canon white papers before, they provide extra information about the products that is not in user manuals. You are expected to find detailed, in-depth look at the major features,  new system enhancements with an explanation of the technology behind each one, and comprehensive overview of compatible accessories and related software. You can find other published Canon white papers here.

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In this DPReview discussion thread, someone claimed Canon Japan sent him an email with regarding to the EOS 5D Mark II black dot issue he reported about 10 days ago. Canon is not denying the existence of the problem and a firmware update is supposedly being prepared to mitigate the problem. The workaround suggested by Canon is to set High ISO NR to strong, which doesn’t sound very inspiring to me. Let’s hope it is indeed a good news when the official statement comes.

Update [December 19, 2008]: Canon official response.

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Four of the world’s top professional photographers took on variety of assignments with the Nikon D3X and produced some stunning images. The four photographers and their websites are the following:

Also check out the Nikon D3/D3X Microsite for product details and an interview with the Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, who designed the D3/D3X.

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The black dots problem discovered on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II is now seen in the Video Mode as well. Check out the following Youtube video clip. Read More…

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This Japanese site (Google translation in English) has some high ISO (e.g. ISO 6400) D3X samples. It looks quite good! The question is, will you pay $8000 for it?

If you are interested, compare them with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II photos of the same subjects.

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Nikon D3X is too expensive, which leaves me with no reasonable choice but to think about the Canon EOS 5D Mark II when it comes to the next upgrade. Or I can stick with my two year old Nikon D200 until there is an affordable D700x… Please note this is a continuously updated post. Read More…

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