We are now seeing a flood of new electronics being announced at CES 2010 and I have decided to pull the list of photography related gadgets announced at CES or just happened around the same time from Engadget. So here we go…

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Eye-Fi announced the next generation Wi-Fi enabled SD memory card at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV. The new class-6 card has 8GB memory and  is capable of 802.11n Wi-Fi connection. One interesting new feature is the so-called Endless Memory Mode, which automatically deletes photos and videos as they’re uploaded. Basically it means you have virtually unlimited storage if you have a wireless connection. It also comes with a new Eye-Fi Center software for viewing and sharing management. The new card is bundked with unlimited geotagging.

The great features of the “Pro” line of Eye-Fi cards are: 1) RAW format support, 2) Ad-hoc networking support so you can wirelessly transfer photos and videos to your laptop computer directly without a Wi-Fi access point. You can even setup auto slideshow using Adobe Lightroom2.

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We just talked about the Samsung DualView a couple of days ago. Now the gadget blog Engadget has put together a review roundup for this innovative compact point-and-shoot digital camera with a front LCD. The camera apparently has a different model number (ST550) in some parts of the world.

Check out the Samsung TL225/ST550 review roundup here: Samsung TL225 / ST550 review roundup: some smiles, some frowns.

The following is an in-depth video review by computertv I found on Youtube. If you have no patience to read through the text/image based reviews, the video review may help you out.

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The digital compact camera market is really crowded. With the silly pixel war finally settles down, camera manufacturers are trying to distinguish themselves from competitors with innovative products.

One of the latest we know is the Nikon Coolpix S1000pj digital cameras with built-in projector, which seem to have received quite some media buzz. If you think about it, it is fun to show off the pictures you just take but it doesn’t really help you to take better pictures.

Nikon isn’t the only who is doing the “add-on” innovation. Samsung adds a second LCD display on the front side of the DualView series digital cameras for people who love to take self-portraits. It also has a Child Mode that displays funny cartoons to grab the attention of small children. Unlike the built-in projector on Nikon Coolpix S100pj, the Samsung camera’s 2nd display does help people to take better photos.

For any of you who are curious, here is a tear down of the Samsung DualView TL225 by embedded.com.

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If you are looking for a geotagging solution for Nikon DSLR cameras, there are the Nikon GP-1 and many other third party options (low cost options). Most of the units I have talked about are direct tagging units, which are capable of directly writing (via camera) the GPS location information (latitude, longitude, altitude, and UTC time) in the photos. Another types of geotagging devices are also available that are basically GPS loggers that log the movements of the camera at a fixed time interval. The location information needs to be synced to the photos later using geotagging software on desktop computers. It adds some extra work and it is not as accurate because the unit may not be logging a location when a photo is taken. But it can log locations (waypoints) when the user is not taking photos. So it does something more than just geotagging.

If you are not happy about the limitations of existing geotagging GPS devices, a new start-up company in China called Shenzhen Easytag Technology Co. has developed a device called Easytagger that can do both direct photo tagging and track logging for about the same price as the Nikon GP-1. Read More…

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A UK-based firm is launching a camera that you can hang from your neck and promises to capture every moment of your life.

The camera, called ViconRevue, can be configured to take photos every 30s. However it is not just a timer controlled point & shoot camera, it has multiple senses. It has a built-in accelerometer and light sensors to detect when a person enters a new environment and takes a photo automatically. An infrared sensor detects the body heat of a person in front of the wearer and the camera snaps an image of the person automatically. If you have seen an automatic toilet or urinal, you know how it works. Read More…

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Nikon has not disappointed us when it comes to releasing new high end DSLR cameras. The new D3S is not an exception. The D3S redefines what is possible with a six-figure ISO sensitivity for stills and video capture while enhancing overall performance.

The D3S features a Nikon designed 12.1 megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor with 8.45 micron pixels. For image sensors, the pixel size does matter. Larger pixel offers better signal-to-noise ratio and larger dynamic range. The D3S has a standard ISO range of 200 – 12800, expendable downward to 100 and upward to an eye-popping 100400. The high ISO enables the D3S to capture images in darkness that is beyond the capability of human vision.

The 1280×720 24fps HD movie capture seems to be inferior to Canon’s 1080P offering but it is sufficient for the targeted professional users. The D-Movie mode supports full aperture control, exposure control, and contrast detection auto focus. The motion JPEG codec makes it easy to extract JPEG frames.

The in-camera post processing capability is a great feature. It is not about the silly art filters you can find on point-and-shoot cameras. D3S allows RAW editing. You can change JPEG compression, Size, White Balance, Exposure Compensation, Picture Control, Noise Reduction, Colour space and Vignette Control settings. Instead of downloading the images first then editing on the computer, the in-camera post processing capability allows the basic editing in the field before the images are transferred.

The D3S is speedy.  It powers up in 12 ms with shutter lag 41 ms and mirror black-out 74 ms. It can shoot 9 fps in FX mode and 11 fps in DX crop mode. The buffer is expended to allow 48 frames in consecutive shooting.

The D3S offers great flexibility. D3S offers several different crop modes (up to 1.2x) for different lenses or for convenience so no useless pixels are recorded.  Picture Control allows pre-defined picture styles. Coupled with Nikon’s RAW editing software such as Capture NX, the users can quickly get the desired output image without extensive post processing. Live View and Quiet Shutter modes make it easier or possible to shoot in certain situations. Dual card slots allows users many options in saving their images and videos. Users can record two full CF cards of data sequentially, record the same data onto two cards for backup, record RAW and JPEG simultaneously onto separate cards, transfer data from one card to another, and use one slot for stills and one slot for D-Movie recording. Read More…

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The standard way of carrying your camera is using the shoulder (neck) strap that comes with almost every camera. It has a lot to be desired. When I am out with my family, the camera would want to swing or roll wildly whenever I bend down to do something. Even during normal walking the camera bounces around and wants to slip off my shoulder. It requires one hand constantly on the camera to make sure it is secure and leaves another hand to do very limited things. For outdoor photographers, the shoulder strap just won’t work well for biking or hiking. I am sure many people have similar complaints. Recently, I have noticed a few products that can nicely solve the problems, for a price. Read More…

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