Yesterday, DPReview published Canon EOS 5D Mark III low-light ISO series samples: images taken at different ISO under low light conditions (3000K halogen light ~3EV). The photos were JPEG output directly from the Canon EOS 5D Mark III with default camera noise reduction (NR) settings.

I downloaded the full size photos and viewed the images in whole on my 24″ display (at resolution of ~1570×1043) and the lack of noise was astounding. There is no perceivable noise up to ISO 6400. Only slight hint of noise at ISO 12800 and obvious noise at ISO 25600 and higher. Did Canon improve the sensor ISO noise performance or did Canon improve their noise reduction algorithm in image processor? Read More…

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Many sample photos from the Canon EOS 5D Mark III are showing up.

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The Canon EOS 5D Mark III pre-orders are up at major online retailers. The camera is expected to ship around end of March, about the same time Nikon D800 ships.

From Amazon

From B&H

From Adorama

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III
There isn’t much surprise left. What rumors had all along had been mostly true, including the MSRP of $3499. The Canon EOS 5D Mark III certainly carries significant improvements over its predecessor in almost all aspects. The question is if it offers enough for existing users of Canon EOS 5D Mark II users to upgrade or compete against the Nikon D800.

Key Features

  • 22.3 Megapixel Full-frame CMOS Sensor
  • New DIGIC 5+ Imaging Processor
  • Class-leading ISO Performance 100 to 25,600 (expandable to 102,400).
  • High Precision 61-point Autofocus
  • Quick-fire 6 fps Shooting
  • iFCL 63-zone Metering Sensor
  • Enhanced Full HD Movie Recording: 1080P at 24, 25 and 30fps. High quality intraframe (All-I) compression.
  • Weather-resistant Construction
  • Intelligent Viewfinder with 100% coverage and a 0.71x magnification ratio
  • 3.2″ Clear View LCD II with 1.04 million dot resolution
  • Dual Memory Card Slots: CompactFlash and SD Card slots.

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The designers of the Nikon D800 and Nikon D800E aimed very high when they started working on the project. That’s what the behind the scenes story told us.

Nikon engineers wanted to design the D800 “a step above” Nikon’s flagship the D3X, a 24-megapixel model released in 2008, and they wanted to compete against “high-resolution medium-format digital cameras or digital camera backs” for “image quality, tone reproduction, and sharpness” in a light and compact DSLR body. Read More…

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Nikon posted some official samples with the Nikon D800 announcements but there weren’t anything shot at very high ISO. There were some unofficial high ISO samples here. We also looked at ISO 6400. If you are frequent readers of DPTnT you might have read our old post with link to some NEF raw samples taking with Nikon D800. Read More…

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Creative Commons License photo credit: [cipher]

So you just bought a shinny new lens for your mirror-less or DSLR camera and want to find out if the lens is performing as expected, what would you do?

Most people will mount it on the camera then take some photos to check at various zoom level after downloading them to a computer. There are a lot more can be done to example a lens. Roger Cicala of posted a blog post a while back. If it is news to me, it may be news to you as well. Check it out here.

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Nikon Rumors grabbed some Nikon D800 vs. Nikon D700 high ISO noise comparison shots before the original Taiwanese website pulled the images at Nikon’s request.

Some readers quickly pointed out that the Nikon D700 images were out of focus but nonetheless the Nikon D800 appears to have excellent high ISO noise performance. Both set of images were labeled as 100% crops and they show about the same coverage of the scene. One possible explanation is that the Nikon D700 images were shot at much closer distance than the Nikon D800 images. This method is probably a fair way to compare cameras with different pixel densities but we really should be looking at both noise and details. We may have to wait until end of March when the Nikon D800 officially starts to ship to see any solid reviews and comparisons.

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