Flickr is the no doubt the king of all photo-sharing sites. If you are only interacting with Flickr via the web interface, you are missing out a lot of powerful features provided softwares that use Flickr API. The people at have gathered a great list of tools to enhance your flickr experience. Digg it if you like it!

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I came across this amazing night photography gallery of the abandoned west by Troy Paiva. There you can find  16 sub-galleries of great photos of abandoned ghost towns, communities, houses, cars, signs, etc. Captured digitally using Troy’s unique style and light painting technique, the photos bring us a graphical glimpse of America’s western expansion and evolution history. Read More…

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Nikon recently updated its my Picturetown, the photo storage and sharing website, with Mapview functions and supports of more file formats. Read More…

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Redfish Lake

This was taken early last month during a camping trip near Sun Valley Idaho. Only minor adjustments using Nikon Capture NX 2.

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Google just revamped its Picasa Web Albums photo sharing site with many new features including a very interesting face-recognition feature called “name tags” to help users to find and label the people in their photos and automatically find similar faces in your photo collection. All you have to do is enter a name or choose from your contacts. Read More…

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Smashing Magazine has a list of 35 extremely beautiful HDR pictures. These are really high dynamic range pictures tone-mapped for displays (like your monitors) with limited dynamic range.

If you are interested in checking out more HDR pictures, please visit Flickr’s HDR group pool.

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I shoot 100% in RAW and use Nikon Capture NX for NEF raw file editing most of the time. Until recently, I have been uploading photos to Flickr by first saving the photo as JPEG to a folder, start Flickr Uploader, add the photos, then hit the upload button. I just found out that it could be much easier by cutting off the unnecessary steps.

First, download and install Flickr uploader here if you don’t have it already.

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Such a beautiful photo of wafer drops! Not only you can enjoy more pretty water drop photos, but also you can learn how it is done.

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