Star trails have been one of the most interesting subject of night Photography. If you are wondering about how to shoot it, this article post by Nikon on its Learn and Explorer website offers all the details you need to know to get started.

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July 4th Fireworks - Five Years Ago
Gearing up for tonight’s fireworks show? Nikon USA has this fireworks shooting tips article on its Learn & Explore website written by Lindsay Silverman. Read More…

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The video above was created by taking 569 photos at the rate of 15 second per photo, then played back at 24 frames/second. A CHDK firmware allows the Canon Powershot S95 to run an intervalometer script to take photos at fixed time interval. The camera was set to ISO 100, f/5.6, and 1/500s shutter speed. The video itself was created from the photos using QuickTime Pro. Read More…

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False colors and moiré patterns can appear in images when shooting repetitive patterns. Moiré is nothing new. It was well known that Nikon D70, the first consumer DSLR camera from Nikon, produces moiré pattern easily due to a weak anti-aliasing filter in front of the image sensor. The recently announced D800E removes the “effect” of the anti-aliasing filter, which results in a small gain in sharpness and resolution but carries an increased chance of false color and moiré. Read More…

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Do you want to know what moiré is and how optical low pass filter in front of an image sensor deals with it? Check out this Nikon Learn&Explorer article: Moiré & False Color. At the end, the article offers some tips on minimizing moiré & false Color in the Nikon D800E, a full frame DLSR without a low pass filter.

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DigitalRev has an article by Kai Wong titled 5 Tips for Street Photography Beginners. It offered some nice tips from camera settings to approaching subjects for anyone who is interested in getting into street photography. They also have a video showing Kai actually taking photos on the street and talking about Do’s and Don’ts of street photography. Check it out below. Read More…

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Nikon D800

With the massive pixel count of 36.3 megapixels, the Nikon D800 and Nikon D800E can generate images with excellent resolution but also pose challenges for shooting techniques. It becomes more important to reduce camera shake and motion blur, focus properly, and select optimal camera and lens settings. Nikon is certainly aware of all these and has just published a technical guide to get you prepared for the official shipping date. Read More…

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This is a video demo of how to use and hold graduated neutral density filter (ND filter) by Adam Barker. Adam also demoed the use of Singh-Ray’s Gold-N-Blue polarizer. It is amazing how a lifeless scene looks magical with the filters. Check it out! Read More…

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