This is an amazing macro photo. What strikes me most is that the photographer (nutmeg66) has taken many amazing close-up photos with a cheap point and shoot camera (Canon PowerShot A640). One of the testimonials by another Flickr user sums it up well:

“I’m amazed with the results you get in your photos. Your nature shots are incredible. Many users of expensive DSLR’s must be hanging their heads in shame. I hope you continue to inspire.”

The equipment is certainly quite important for good macro photography but it is only as good as the photographer. The photographer needs to have patience, skills, and some luck.

This may surprise some: the cheap P&S cameras have a great advantage compared to DSLR cameras for macro photography: greater depth of field (DOF) at the same aperture and same equivalent focal length. In general, the DOF becomes narrow as you get closer to the subject at given aperture. It becomes difficult to record the entire subject of interest in sharp focus when you try to get as close as possible to capture the details (at highest possible magnification). The reason for enhanced DOF is mainly due to the smaller sensor sizes in P&S cameras compared to DSLR cameras. For an in-depth discussion of this subject, please read these excellent articles:

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