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I love flickr, to the point I have to check out my contacts’ photos whenever I have a chance and pretty much no matter where I am. How is that possible? Flickr has a mobile version of its website at that is specially tailored to smart phones and PDAs with small screens. The site is very usable on my Nokia E62, even though it is on AT&T’s slow EDGE network.

The exact look of the site may be different depending on the device you use and the browser software on the device. The flickr mobile site should also work on desktop browser such as Firefox and Internet Explorer, so you can check out the functionality without a capable phone.

You can only view three images at a time and there is no flickr group function yet. The images have 100px largest dimension in thumbnail mode and 240px or 320px (device/browser dependent) largest dimension in single image viewing mode.

You can do quite a lot on-the-go. You can read the comments on your photos (Recent activity), check out the most recent photos from your contacts, and see what others have said about the photos you recently commented. If your phone is smarter than the iPhone (iPhone does not have a file system accessible to user so no direct file upload possible), you can upload photos directly from your phone or PDA. Of course, you can browse your own photos, everyone’s photos, or go through your contact lists and view all the photos of a specific contact. You can comment on the photos pretty much the same way as on the desktop. You need to be careful though, it is not yet possible to edit the comment from the mobile site once you make it. You will have to find a desktop computer to do so.

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