The English version of Nikon’s Asian support site has posted the latest update (Version 1.3.2) to Nikon Capture NX. It fixed a well know bug we reported in last December and also included the support for the recently announced Nikon D60 Digital SLR camera. The changes are:

  • Support for RAW images captured with the D60 has been added;
  • When exposure compensation was adjusted from Base Adjustments > RAW Adjustments > Exposure Compensation while Picture Control settings were applied from Base Adjustments > Camera Adjustments > Picture Control, the sharpening effect was canceled. This issue has been resolved;
  • When images captured with the D1 and an AI AF Fisheye Nikkor 16mm f/2.8D lens, Fisheye Lens could not be selected from Base Adjustments > Lens Adjustments. This issue has been resolved;
  • An issue that prevented accurate display of some items in the Camera Settings palette has been resolved.

The time stamp on the update is “20/02/2008 09.38 AM”, which is obviously a local time in Asia. Adding the roughly 12 hour timezone difference, this update appears to have just been updated within hours of this post (~10:30PM MST 2/19/2008). I was not able to find the same update information on Nikon USA website. Perhaps I will see it when I wake up tomorrow morning.

I tried to download it (39.1MB), the download process went dead after completing ~2%. So unless you are patient, you probably want to wait and download it from your regional Nikon support site when it shows up.

Updated 2/22/2008: 

You can download the US Version for Windows and for Mac.

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