It seems the buzz is all around the DSLRs these days. However digital P&S cameras still outsell DSLRs by a vast margin. People love P&S digital compact cameras for various reasons: small, light weight, convenient, low cost, both still and video capable, etc. There are some nice features that have been transferred from digital P&S to DSLRs. Live view? Almost all digital P&S have it naturally without the fancy name. Video shooting? It is common on digital P&S but has been mostly a crazy dream until just a few days ago, with the release of the Nikon D90.

Supporting multiple video recording resolutions, up to 720P HD, the D90 will definitely attract lots of digital P&S users who cannot live without the video recording capability. For DSLR users, the D90 will free them from carrying both camera and camcorder. The possibilities are almost endless with array of lenses you can use: fisheye, micro, wide angle, telephoto, prime, zoom…

Read USA Today article: New Nikon is first SLR to shoot video.

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