Michael Tapes of RawWorkflow.com, in collaboration with Imagenomic, has created a great AND free utility called Instant JPEG from RAW (IJFR). It is a Windows® and Macintosh® utility that extracts the embedded JPEG image in most RAW photo files. It is the same image you see on your camera’s LCD screen during playback or review.

IJFR is not a typical application. You access this utility by right-clicking (or Ctrl-click on Mac) on a RAW photo file or a folder containing RAW photos. The utility is available from the context-sensitive menu. Below is a youtube video showing how it works on a Mac.

IJFR is really fast. On average, it takes less than a second to extract JPEGs from more than 10 RAW files from a Nikon D200. The speed on your computer may vary depending on the hardware spec. 
It is a great utility especially when you just want to quickly go though the photos, share online, or send via email. It is much faster to browse through JPEG files than RAW files.

The photos extracted from Nikon NEF appears to be in basic quality. 10 megapixel photo has 300-400k file sizes. It has basic EXIF information (ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and focal length) but there is no embedded RGB color profiles. If you think a JPEG file like this is all you need before you can sit down to process your RAW files, you don’t have to shoot RAW+JPEG any more.

To download this utility, visit RawWorkflow.com. Registration is required. An email will be sent to you with links to download the utility and user guide.

More coverage of ITFR on the net:

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