Nikon recently updated its my Picturetown, the photo storage and sharing website, with Mapview functions and supports of more file formats.

The Mapview function allows display of photos with location information (geotag) on Google Map. Users can also drag and drop photos without such information on to the map to add location information. The location information can also be edited or deleted. When the photo is shared, the location information can be shared or hidden.

Nikon my Picturetown is probably the only photo storage/sharing site that supports RAW file upload, download, and sharing. Compatible file formats are JPEG, NEF, NRW, TIFF, MOV, AVI, WAV (as voice memo only).

I don’t think Nikon is trying to compete with other photo sharing sites. Actually, you can send photos to your flickr account right from my Picturetown.¬†Nikon currently is promoting my Picturetown as a safe, secure option to photo storage and sharing. The subject of the promotion email I received says, “Too many pictures on your computer? Think they’re safe?”. I think it probably is, especially for storing and sharing RAW photos. I guess you can find a good online file storage site, but which also supports the photo-related-and-specific functions my Picturetown has?¬†

A free membership gives you 2GB storage. $2.99/month gives you extra 20GB storage (up to to 200GB possible).

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