I came across this excellent resource recently. It was written by Russ MacDonald for practical use of the Nikon SB800 Speedlight with the D200 Camera. However the guide contains very informative and general information about Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS) so users of other Nikon DSLR cameras and Speedlights should also benefit. With his engineering background, Russ explained the Nikon CLS in great details with very in-depth but easy to understand language and well thought out examples. Enjoy!

The guide has the following articles:

  1. Nikon Flash – Two Separate Metering Systems
  2. Nikon TTL Flash Metering System
  3. Nikon TTL-BL Flash
  4. So, What is Flash Value Lock?
  5. A Study in Camera Compensation When Using Flash
  6. Sequence of Events for TTL flash
  7. How to Shoot Large Groups with Nikon CLS
  8. How the Built-In Flash Metering Works
  9. TTL and TTL-BL Study to include Distance
  10.  ‘Auto FP High Speed Sync’ Explained
  11. Other Great Flash Sites
  12. Speedlight Trick #1
  13. A and AA Modes on the SB800
  14. Basics of Flash Brackets and Diffusers

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